Biostatistics – A Methodology For The Health Sciences

Book Cover: Biostatistics - A Methodology For The Health Sciences
Editions:PDF - Second Edition
Pages: 888

We welcome the reader who wishes to learn biostatistics. In this chapter we introduce you to
the subject. We define statistics and biostatistics. Then examples are given where biostatistical
techniques are useful. These examples show that biostatistics is an important tool in advancing
our biological knowledge; biostatistics helps evaluate many life-and-death issues in medicine.
We urge you to read the examples carefully. Ask yourself, “what can be inferred from the
information presented?” How would you design a study or experiment to investigate the problem
at hand? What would you do with the data after they are collected? We want you to realize that
biostatistics is a tool that can be used to benefit you and society.
The chapter closes with a description of what you may accomplish through use of this book.
To paraphrase Pythagoras, there is no royal road to biostatistics. You need to be involved. You
need to work hard. You need to think. You need to analyze actual data. The end result will be
a tool that has immediate practical uses. As you thoughtfully consider the material presented
here, you will develop thought patterns that are useful in evaluating information in all areas of
your life.