The Oxford Handbook of Bioethics

Book Cover: The Oxford Handbook of Bioethics
ISBN: 978–0–19–927335–5
Pages: 766

The aim of this Handbook is to provide an up-to-date picture of the state of the
art in bioethics. It makes no attempt to cover every issue in the field—there are
excellent encyclopedias that serve this purpose (Post 2004; Murray and Mehlman
2000). Instead, it is a selective representation of some of the most important issues
in contemporary bioethics. The chapters are surveys in that they inform the reader
of what has been happening recently in each area, through a discussion of the
relevant literature. At the same time, they are not neutral, encyclopedia-like articles,
but original essays that reflect the particular ‘take’ of their authors. They are not
intended for undergraduates or general readers, but rather for those with some
knowledge of the field (scholars and graduate students) who want an authoritative
and stimulating account of bioethics today.